Davidoff, the Imperial Tobacco portfolio luxury brand considered entry to the Japan market.


Davidoff maintains the position as a luxury brand that targets affluent consumers worldwide. Davidoff’s intuition suggested that in Japan, the position and target group would need to shift towards a younger, hip demographic. The request was an exploratory localization exercise to test this hypothesis with target demographics. A “katakana” logo was also requested to reflect the visual attributes of the original Davidoff logo.


The brand positioning exercise followed a market immersion for the Davidoff brand team in Japan. Gathered data indicated the need for a positioning shift. Working with Davidoff team, hip & trendy Tokyoites were identified as the desirable demographics to attract first. YF conceptualized the set of hyper-localized visuals including a Photo-shoot in Shibuya which captured “freedom and the good times”. This photography then served as the base for the advertising and it’s key visual development – the right mix of the imagery, holding device, copy and the white space.


Brand Development
  1. Brand Consulting
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Concept & Ideation
  4. Brand Image
  5. Brand Design
  6. Brand Statements
  7. Key Visual Design
  8. Creative Copy JP / EN
  9. Brand Tagline JP / EN
  10. Design Application
  11. Brand Asset
    1. Print Design Assets
    2. Digital Design Assets
    3. Motion Design Assets
    4. Video Design Assets
  12. Brand Video
  13. On Brand Video
  14. Product Benefits Video
  15. Social Media Content
    1. HERO
    2. HUB
    3. HYGIENE
Visual Identity
  1. Concept & Ideation
  2. Creative Direction
  3. Design Direction
  4. Naming & Domain
  5. Logo Design
  6. Logo Manual
  7. Design Look & feel
  8. Key Visual Design
  9. Visual Identity Standards Manual
    1. Guidelines
    2. System
    3. Digital Version JP/EN
    4. Print Version JP/EN
  10. Visual Identity Assets
    1. Company Stationery
      1. Business Cards
      2. Letterhead and envelope
      3. PPT Template
      4. Invoice Format
      5. Proposal Sheet
      6. Presentation Deck
    2. On Brand Mascot / Character
    3. Digital Assets
    4. Print Assets
  11. Design Application
Photo Production
  1. Pre-Production
    1. Talent Casting
    2. Location Scout
    3. Location Permits
    4. Budgeting
    5. Logistics
  2. Production
    1. Hair Style
    2. Fashion Design
    3. Appeal
    4. Transportation
    5. Catering
  3. Post-Production
    1. Photo Retouch
    2. Photo Formats
    3. Photo Assets
    4. Photo Montage

The Photoshoot in Shibuya

The KV Design & Copy Application