3D Studio Watts is the first 3D scanning studio in Tokyo that produces 3D printed miniatures. 3D Studio Watts cater to businesses, artists, and individuals looking for high polygon, high-resolution 3D models. Models can be 3D printed or animated and have been used in advertisement, games.


3D Studio Watts requested a strategy and marketing assets to reach a diverse customer base and promote their service.


Brand marketing and a service introduction video, presenting a fun and interactive celebration of technology and lifestyle resulting in 3D assets translated into lasting 3D memories.


Video Production
  1. Pre – Production
    1. Video Treatment
    2. Video Storyboard
    3. Casting
    4. Location scout
    5. Schedule
    6. Logistics
    7. Crew
    8. Voiceover Script / Copy
  2. Production
    1. Production Management
    2. Set Design
    3. Styling
    4. Special Effects
    5. Audio
    6. Light
    7. Voiceover Recording
    8. Sound Recording
  3. Post- Production
    1. Video Edit
    2. VFX
    3. Video Formats
    4. Motion Graphics
    5. Voiceover
    6. Sound
      1. Edit
      2. SFX
    7. Music
      1. Stock
      2. Original
The Video
The Video Narrative & Screens
The Company Product – 3D Photos / Figurines