Agency Reel


╱ why

We believe that great things happen at the fringe, at the point where seemingly opposite concepts converge to become one. We believe in finding those moments where strategy coexists with creativity; where the differences come together to create something unexpectedly new. An opportunity within duality.

╱ who

We want to leverage knowledge & expertise to nurture curiosity; encourage uniqueness to explore nuances & subtlety; embrace change to fuel inspiration. We want to learn from the past & present to foster future innovation.

╱ how

We want an agency that grows while stimulating the like-minded people that are part of it. We believe in working side by side with our clients, as equals effectively working toward a common goal, building on the strengths of one another to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Risa Sasaki

Executive Producer

Brano Beres

Exec. Creative Director

Daigo Fujiwara

Head of Video Department

Jayce Ong


Alex Gervais