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Live Studio Experience


Setup the studio



Run the show



Studio Experience

Storytelling Live

Reach the remote audience in style. Setup your own studio, and get ready to do broadcast & live stream anytime necessary. Spend the lead time towards the show creating the converting content, instead always overcoming the hurdle of setup, crew, & technology. We take care of infrastructure, to a positive experience to your story.

Experience, culture, brand and identity via Livestream & Broadcast from an on-brand bespoke and tailor-made studio. There is a new way of reaching the audience, clients counterparts and PR conduct. 

Studio setup comes with well-thought strategic preparation. We listen to your intended use case and set the software, hardware, human for optimal interaction with best user practices know-how share.

Studio Architecture

Turn your space into a studio

The intended use will set the direction for the setup. Start with a blueprint and make sure there is enough room for everything you want to achieve. The larger scope of intends, the larger the space needed. We find the right sweet spot within intending, size of space, equipment and best user practices.

Studio Equipment

There are levels to this game.

Based on what is the user case, there is the optimal level of equipment. Broadcast setup will differ from a recording studio. A software solution will provide live-stream until streaming hardware sounds as a no-brainer. Rental equipment will do the job but needs setup every time. And don’t forget about lenses and internet bandwidth. 

Are you looking for a starter set? Or are you building on top of what you already have? We got that.

The show

Make it happen

Are you running the show? We know your setup. Or we learn about it to identify what can be done. Feasible, optimal, and risk-averse solutions come with performance on the day and the spot—assembled crew to make it happen.

Pre – Production

      • Planning,
      • Researching
      • Storyboarding
      • Scripting
      • Talent sourcing
      • Pre-recorded content
      • Broadcast Design
      • Broadcast Assets
      • Show Rundown


      • Hype Snippets – Live
      • On Set Production & Crew
      • Directing & Pacing
      • On Set management
      • Best & Suitable Equipment
      • Live motion & infographics
      • Digital Assets
      • Recording
      • Broadcast
      • Livestream
      • Social Media

Post – Production

      • Recorded Video Edit
      • Colouring & Grading
      • Sound Effects
      • Music Design
      • Motion graphics
      • Special Effects

We’ll partner with you through every step; we will assemble the right crew, fill the gaps with the equipment and know-how, to deliver the show.

Livestream sounds easy until something goes wrong—play safely in a risk-averse way. Have a backup plan to enjoy the show with peace of mind. 

Livestream & Broadcast

Interact & communicate

Bring your offline event online via live streaming. Upgrade the produced footage with the fresh colour-grade, sleek motion graphic, to the point infographic… thrive and compete in today’s eyeball economy. Broadcast the new way. Use the latest software and appropriate equipment and gear. Work with the right talent or expert.

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