Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine

In these passing moments of our everyday lives everyone should have somebody to lean on. Sometimes we get too busy with our daily lives and tend to forget about our friends, family, and our loved ones who are always there for us.

“Hope for Tomorrow” is a short movie about the desire to leave something to our future generations. The movie focuses on the people of Ikebukuro who are the backbone of the Mitake shrine. Mitake Shrine Toho Mutsumi group unveiled an owl sculpture – a legacy for the future.

This is our message to the people of today and to the people of the future.


Concept & Direction: YF
Director : Roman Kasei
1st Camera Operator : Roman Kasei
2nd Camera Operator : Margaux Benini
Drone Operator : Shinichiro Makita
Editing : Roman Kasei
VFX/Colorgrading : Manu Michel
Sound interview : Thomas C Deane
Sound design : Tristan Loubat
Music Arrangement : 16p Studio
Calligraphy : Akira Hayama


Coffeehouse Nishiya – Kohei Nishiya

“My Coffee My Style” is something you’ll come across often when visiting Coffeehouse Nishiya.

Coffeehouse Nishiya is more than a simple coffee shop loved by its regulars and the locals of East Shibuya, it is also a staple for the coffee industry and the coffee lovers. Its influence reaches far and wide and it attracts people from all walks of life, regardless of industries, nationality or demographics.

The man at the center of it is Kohei Nishiya, some call him “Barista Nishiya” or even “Coffee Master”. But after spending some time at Coffeehouse Nishiya, you’ll soon realize that this is only one side of him.

In this 5-parts docu-series we take a look at what makes him who he is, from his friends to the people he admires and respect and to the people he influences and who are looking up to him.

Why is it that people are drawn to him? What makes Coffeehouse Nishiya so special? and Why is it that a phrase as simple as “My Coffee My Style” has so much meaning for him?


Concept & Direction: YF
Director : Risa Sasaki
Camera Operator: Daigo Fujiwara
Camera Operator: Carl Stella
Camera Operator: Jayce Ong
Editing: Daigo Fujiwara
VFX/Colorgrading : Carla Castle
Sound interview : Thomas C Deane
Animation: Risa Sasaki & Carla Castle


The Edo Firemanship Preservation Association

Coming soon – YF is proud to present a documentary that sheds light on the rich culture and traditions behind the Edo Firemanship Preservation Association.