Fiat, the Italian automotive brand that sponsored a tennis exhibition match in Tokyo.


Create a visual identity for the exhibition match and the following event. Apply the visual identity across multiple marketing touchpoints including posters, brochures, OHO billboards, in-store display, and window-display wrap.


An eye-catching, energetic and vibrant identity was delivered and applied across all required touch-points including event posters, showroom visuals, billboard ads, merchandise, event invitation flyer.


Visual Identity
  1. Concept & Ideation
  2. Creative Direction
  3. Design Direction
  4. Naming & Domain
  5. Logo Design
  6. Logo Manual
  7. Design Look & feel
  8. Key Visual Design
  9. Visual Identity Standards Manual
    1. Guidelines
    2. System
    3. Digital Version JP/EN
    4. Print Version JP/EN
  10. Visual Identity Assets
    1. Company Stationery
      1. Business Cards
      2. Letterhead and envelope
      3. PPT Template
      4. Invoice Format
      5. Proposal Sheet
      6. Presentation Deck
    2. On Brand Mascot / Character
    3. Digital Assets
    4. Print Assets
  11. Design Application
DTP & Prepress
  1. Design Digitalisation
  2. Design Processing for print
  3. The 3D Structural design
    1. Concept & Ideation
    2. Flat Design
    3. Die Cut Design
  4. Design Visualization
    1. 3D Design Visualization
    2. 3D Design Mockup
The Concept
The Key Visual
The Posters
The Application