RGF International Recruitment is a leader in executive search and recruiting services in Asia. Through unrivaled service, dedication to the best recruitment solutions and a commitment to clients and candidates, RGF has grown rapidly to become one of the largest regional networks with 45 offices in 26 cities across 11 countries and markets.


Conduct an audit of Asian competitors and current RGF branding and marketing materials. Developed a marketing communications plan reflecting RGF management goals and objectives leading to re-branding RGF to differentiate among competitors and align network of offices behind a clear purpose. Copywriting and design of the RGF international website and creation of the brand movie.


Created new vision, mission, and values leading to tag line ‘Unleash Potential’ as the embodiment of the rebranding effort, which brings consistency and continuity to all communications and training. All RGF network offices embrace it. Design and copywriting of the RGF International website, brand assets and template for local market adaptations. Creation of the brand movie to support Unleash Potential branding. All this effort serves as the foundation to build out additional marketing programs going forward — Result in One Team, One Dream with a compelling case for marketing investment inside the executive suite.


Brand Development
  1. Brand Consulting
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Concept & Ideation
  4. Brand Image
  5. Brand Design
  6. Brand Statements
  7. Key Visual Design
  8. Creative Copy JP / EN
  9. Brand Tagline JP / EN
  10. Design Application
  11. Brand Asset
    1. Print Design Assets
    2. Digital Design Assets
    3. Motion Design Assets
    4. Video Design Assets
  12. Brand Video
  13. On Brand Video
  14. Product Benefits Video
  15. Social Media Content
    1. HERO
    2. HUB
    3. HYGIENE
Website Design
  1. Digital Strategy
    1. Wireframe Design
    2. Navigation Design
    3. Responsive Design
  2. Design Layout
    1. User-Centric Search Design
    2. Information Architecture
    3. Information Hierarchy
    4. Conversion Flow
  3. On Brand Design
  4. Digital Design Assets
    1. Photography
    2. Graphic
    3. Infographic
    4. Iconography
    5. Motion Graphic
  5. Copywriting JP / EN
Print Design
  1. Information Architecture
  2. Information Hierarchy
  3. Design Layout
  4. Print Design Assets
    1. Photography
    2. Graphic
    3. Infographic
    4. Iconography
    5. Infographics
  5. Copywriting
  6. Transliteration
  7. Copy Localization
Video Production
  1. Pre – Production
    1. Video Treatment
    2. Video Storyboard
    3. Casting
    4. Location scout
    5. Schedule
    6. Logistics
    7. Crew
    8. Voiceover Script / Copy
  2. Production
    1. Production Management
    2. Set Design
    3. Styling
    4. Special Effects
    5. Audio
    6. Light
    7. Voiceover Recording
    8. Sound Recording
  3. Post- Production
    1. Video Edit
    2. VFX
    3. Video Formats
    4. Motion Graphics
    5. Voiceover
    6. Sound
      1. Edit
      2. SFX
    7. Music
      1. Stock
      2. Original
DTP & Prepress
  1. Design Digitalisation
  2. Design Processing for print
  3. The 3D Structural design
    1. Concept & Ideation
    2. Flat Design
    3. Die Cut Design
  4. Design Visualization
    1. 3D Design Visualization
    2. 3D Design Mockup
The Opportunity Bridge – Pan Asian brand consolidation as part of company growth
The Brand Identity Renovation  – Application – Infographic / Posters / Visuals / Website
The Concept – Unleash Potential
Vision, Mission, Value
The New Brand Voice – Printed Brochures
The Company Handbook – Print – Credit Card Size Format – Bilingual & handy
Web Architecture – Information Hierarchy – Web Design
The Brand Identity Renovation  – Visual Identity – Logo ( International Version )
The Renovated Brand Identity Application  – Web Portal – Full Responsive
The Brand Movie


Within each of us lies a giant,

waiting to be unleashed.

Within every company,

new ideas, and movements

hide in hungry minds.  

Within every society,

outliers wait for their moment

to turn the key to evolution.

In potential lies energy,

waiting to be released.

Waiting to change the world.

At RGF, we explore potential

and bring it to life in people,

because people are where

success starts and ends.

The best talent to build a bridge

to a better future.

Unleash Potential