Wow-Kombucha drink by Wow-Foods Inc. is a popular healthy drink in the United States and Europe. Wow-Foods introduces the kombucha to Japan. A fermented vegetable beverage made by fermenting tea.


Wow-Foods Inc. needed to set the correct positioning, brand name, product identity, and package design to appeal successfully to Japanese consumers.


Delivery of the brand image and product packaging design reflects the values of the brand and target customer: A fair-trade product, which is made in Australia, organic and healthy drink. It is distributed by Wow-Foods Inc. and Natural Lawson in metropolitan areas across Japan.


Brand Development
  1. Brand Consulting
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Concept & Ideation
  4. Brand Image
  5. Brand Design
  6. Brand Statements
  7. Key Visual Design
  8. Creative Copy JP / EN
  9. Brand Tagline JP / EN
  10. Design Application
  11. Brand Asset
    1. Print Design Assets
    2. Digital Design Assets
    3. Motion Design Assets
    4. Video Design Assets
  12. Brand Video
  13. On Brand Video
  14. Product Benefits Video
  15. Social Media Content
    1. HERO
    2. HUB
    3. HYGIENE
Package Design
  1. Concept & Ideation
  2. Product Naming
  3. Product Identity
  4. Product Positioning
  5. Label Design
  6. Symbol Design
  7. Insert Design
  8. Copywriting
  9. Creative Copy
  10. Catch / Tagline
  11. Illustration
  12. Iconography
  13. Infographics
DTP & Prepress
  1. Design Digitalisation
  2. Design Processing for print
  3. The 3D Structural design
    1. Concept & Ideation
    2. Flat Design
    3. Die Cut Design
  4. Design Visualization
    1. 3D Design Visualization
    2. 3D Design Mockup